Hi, I'm Laura Hatch.

I love sunshine, mountains, rivers and fields of flowers. During the months of March through December you will find me tromping through tall grass, splashing is streams, drinking beers on mountain tops, laying in the dirt and singing and dancing with my camera in order to capture YOUR special moments.

I am a boymom to two ridiculously rambunctious little maniacs and therefore I basically run on coffee and left over pizza (I'm not the only one, right?).

We used to live in Hawaii and I love the beach, sand, sunshine and the islands. I also love to eat and could seriously live life out on a patio in the sunshine with a margarita and some chips and salsa. Raise your hand if you're with me!

If you've seen my work, you might notice you probably won't get the cheesy "everyone is lookin at the camera" pose. I strive to create organic moments that truly show your love and family connection.

If I shoot your family, I've been known to bring candy, adult beverages and snacks so we can hang on a mountaintop together....

I am also slightly obsessed with dogs, cats, theme parties, home projects, decor and DIY in my home. I am an unashamed wine lover and Target addict and if that makes me a mom cliche, then bring it on!

Most of all, I'm hoping that if you made it through this intro then maybe we are a match, so go ahead and drop me a line and lets make some magical images....



“I'll never regret having these to look at and cherish with all my being. Love, love, love that Laura's vision and creativity aligned with ours. I'm so grateful to her..."”

—The Floyd Family

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